A Life In A New Country And A New Culture.



I stepped over the threshhold. I had arrived in the Country Which would be my home for six months ahead. I went to retreat my bag. Fortunately it was one of the first one to arrive. I grabbed it and headed for the doors, walked the wrong way, turned around and found my way out.

Then there they stood. The great parents, my bosses and hopefully my friends, I thought to myself as a wide smile spread over my lips. They waved ans smiled back. They kissed me on the cheeks as it’s common in Their culture. My first encounter with strange.

I’ve got to ride In the same car as the father. All was very exciting, strange, yet not really. I was nervous, sure, but it was a good feeling.

When the mountains came into view I just lost my breath. It was stunning, taken from a dream. Marvelous. I loved it. Then I knew for sure I would never regret my decision. I had found a perfect home.



Spring crushing winter



IMG_7391This week Spring has popped out from times to times, flowers and melting snow, grass and non-cloudy sky. The birds has started to sing and the sun is almost burning again, spring is here.

A foot deep

20150202-133202.jpgWaking up at 9 a.m is wonderful, but the thing that makes it great is the stunning sight that I meet when I look out the window. The snow covered ground paint the whole world in white. The dark and naked trees gives you a true feeling that you live in a black and white world with just a hint of color.

A struck of hypoinsomnia


The last few of months I hardly slept. If I get four hours a night I’m lucky. I don’t know what to do. I mean I even tried to actually count sheep, but that certaintly didn’t help. Books, movies, darkness, silence, light, sounds, I’ve tried it all but it always ends up me lying in bed looking up on the ceiling. I think my brain got a case of hypocondric insomnia. My eyes are tired but my mind is spinning faster than a carusel. The big question I think of and what everyone think of at least on time in our lives is What am I to do with my life? My answer is the same every night: I’m going to live it.

Swedish pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and bananas


After eating a huge meal, beef and roasted roots I craved for something sweet, but nothing too sweet. I still wanted something…filling. Though I knew it had to do something with chocolate, no dessert is good without chocolate. Anyway, I checked my fridge for ingredients and found pancakes that I made the day before. I thought it was perfect. I got a quick delicious dessert and got rid of some leftovers. I heated th pancakes, put on some whipped cream, chocolate sauce and bananas. It was amazing and a wonderful taste sensation.

Uncharted feelings


Have you ever considered why you felt as if everyone’s bugging you some days? As if everyone suddenly decided to bug you on every nerve you have? At the time I’m reading psychology and it’s very invigorating.

The patterns suddenly become very clear to you. Why you get angry at someone but how you actually displace your feelings from a person you earlier met to perhaps your family or your friends you meet up with later.

My head spinning with these thoughts at the moment. It’s truly fascinating how the human mind works. We develope things we never could imagine and we don’t even know it.

The falling became the rising


During the christmas holiday I’ve been watching movies and getting struck by a horrible sickness approximately the whole time, yet it didn’t lower my spirit, actually did quite the opposite, I’ve been more merry than ever. BUT! Something did lowered my mood, the lack of snow. Not a single flake had fallen from the sky by the we got to celebrate the new year. 2015 clearly did not seem that bright after all. I never really got the christmas spirit I wished for, no snow no real christmas.

But I guess you should say: Better late than never. Because today when I pulled up my curtain, these enormous snowflakes fell from the sky like beautiful puffs of cotton. The stunning scene almost brought a tear to my eye. I rushed for my camera and got a few good pictures. Sadly I couldn’t really get a good picture of a flake, but I guess I have to settle with what I could come up with. Either way, I don’t think there’s anything more beautiful than the quiet and calming fall of snow that singles slowly towards the ground. The fall of winter also became the rise.

Winter isn’t coming

I’m truly worried about our planet. Christmas is suppose to be white and the snow is suppose to be half a meter deep. I live in the north and we only had one green christmas before, now there’s two, in a row I might add. I hate green christmas, it’s not even christmas. I guess for me it’s normal to have snow on Christmas and for others as in Spain for example it’s normal to not have it. But snow and christmas has always belonged together even people in warm countries can agree with that. I just can’t keep from wondering if we’re the ones making it? Is it perhaps global warming? I guess in one matter it is, but sadly it’s nothing I can do about, more than the small things every person can, keep our trash to ourselves instead of throwing it to nature.

The life of birds





I was out walking my dogs. The air was fresh and the wind swayed sofly in the trees. I let my dogs run freely and as I came towards the front door, I saw the birds in the plum tree. They were flying around each other, playing in the air. I rushed inside to get my camera and when I came back it was as if they posed for the pictures.

They looked so free and happy about their life. I stopped taking picture, lowered my camera and just watched them play. It’s time like this that you wish life was that simple, searching food and playing. But I guess birds have take on obstacles too, from time to time.